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From: Dave

I really liked you and Vic Grimes feud (poor Borden) and Terry Funk matches (Poor Terry Funk).I want to know what XPW star would you like to feud with because, you guys need a legit "no offense" you guys need your Steamboat/Flair everyone does.

Shane's Answer:

I would really like to have an extended feud with Justin Credible. I am proud of the matches that we had in ECW and find Justin to be a credible contender to the XPW title.

From: Mike Bar

I was recently injured in a training excercise at wrestling school (Torn ACL). Im on the road to recovery, though. Looking back at the injuries you have had in the past(and the fact we are both from the Pittsburgh area). I was hoping that I might get some advice, from you, on how to deal with having an injury of this magnatude. And if you have a suggestion on how I can further my wrestling knowledge when I'm just sitting here waiting to heal.

Shane's Answer:

I am sorry to hear about your injury but am glad to hear you calling it just a “setback”. Its that kind of thinking that will get you back in the ring. You can never “say die!”. That’s been my attitude for the last twenty years. The tough part for you now is the starting over. The rehab and getting back into the gym. I would have to say that I find that the hardest part of coming back off an injury. At least the 23rd or 24th one. HaHa! As for furthering your wrestling knowledge while injured I would say watch as many tapes of as many different types of wrestlers as you can. GOOD LUCK!

From: Raymond Cassidy

Mr. Shane Douglas, Before I ask my questions, I want to thank you for "The Franchise". There is not one wrestler whom I enjoy watching the vignettes of other than yourself. Raven comes in second....a distant second. You are the very best wrestler in the world. I have taped many of your matches in the ECW. This the only way I can see "The Franchise" in action. Now my questions..... 1.) Will the XPW ever have a show in Houston? 2.) Will I ever see "The Franchise" on live television again? 3.) Are you still in touch with Francine? How is she? 4.) How did Mr. Hennig's passing affect you? 5.) Why Pete Polaco? He made it in ECW because you went to WCW, in my opinion. There is no way Just-a-punk can defeat a "Franchise". Last, but not least.... 6.) Who deserves a shot at your title in XPW?

Shane's Answer:

Thanks Raymond for those kind words. I am psyched that you’ve been entertained by the Franchise character over the years- that was and is his sole purpose for existing. As for your questions, a) I would love to bring XPW to Houston- get you and your buddies to inundate the local stations to bring you your XPW, b)You never know where the Franchise will pop up, so, yes, he could appear on live TV again, c) Nope, no further contact with her!!!!!, d) Curt’s passing hit me very hard. Curt was one of the few people I travelled with while in WWF and I was saddened to hear of his family’s loss. I only hope that his family, esp. his kids will find solace in the fact that he loved them all very much and spoke of them constantly on the road., e)As I’ve said above, I think PJ is a tremendous in-ring performer and brings a chemistry between us that makes for entertaining matches for you fans, I think., and f) Justin Credible, and possibly Raven...

From: Andrew Ranson

Quick question, dose the Sandman still work for XPW?

Shane's Answer:

No, Sandman no longer works for XPW but can be currently seen on NWA-TNA.

From: Gregrageous

I seem to remember an feud that you had in Continental Championship Wrestling out of Alabama with Lord Humongous being your brother. I cannot seem to remember who you were feuding with. Who were you feuding with?

Shane's Answer:

We feuded with Hot Stuff Intn’l and the Samoans among others. Good memory!

From: David Rigby

Dear Shane, I have been a massive fan of yours since I first saw you in ECW. Your great on the mic, a great wrestler and one of the best heels in the business. Is there any chance that we will see you in NWA-TNA as you would be a great heel for the company and I would love to see you feud with Jeff Jarrett for the World Title. They are building a product there at the moment that is like a cross between the old WCW and ECW, with wrestlers like Raven, The Sandman, Steve Corino, Jerry Lynn and a lot of new young talent.

Shane's Answer:

Well David, thanks for the complements. As you may know, Vince Russo and I are good friends and I would like to work for him again. However, my hands are full with the responsibilities of running XPW. If things change, though, you can never tell where the Franchise will rear his call of “Cut the F****ing Music!”.

From: Angel

Shane, I love your commentary on advise for teachers, I'm following your footsteps somewhat in a social science education degree, and your words about teaching is something that is not told to me from professors. Also, my fan fare for you started the night I saw late night on television you throwing the NWA belt. I'm in the Florida area, is there anyway the Franchise will revolutionize the sunshine state like ECW did in '95, and maybe get XPW on the sunshine network, or maybe tour down here?

Shane's Answer:

There currently are finalized plans for XPW to start on the Sunshine network. Go to XPWrestling.com for all the latest on when this will happen.

From: Chris Godfrey

First I'd like to say that I love XPW. But as a Philadelphian, is XPW in Philly over?

Shane's Answer:

The current state of the Philly wrestling scene is really in disarray. When that settles and the fans decide which product they’d most like to see, we’ll return. That’s not to say that we didn’t make some very critical mistakes in the market-mistakes I was unaware of until too late. If we return, I will micromanage said return so as to avoid those same mistakes.

From: Scott Janvrin

I live in maryland and i watch mcw rage tv and happened to catch one with you and ricky steamboat just wondering if you had any plans to wrestle on any more of their cards and my 2nd question is if you are going to have your franchise shirt from xpw in the size of xxl 3rd question is are you going to be selling your old triple threat shirts {black} on here i have a yellow one but would love a black one and finally who of all the lovely managers you have had which one was your favorite to work with ?

Shane's Answer:

I had a great time working with Steamboat on that MCW card. I would love to work with their company again. I do have plans to bring back all the old franchise and triple threat shirt designs- in both black AND gold. I’ve contacted the old printer and he is checking to see if he still has those screens. If he does’nt he reproduce them from existing shirts...Stay tuned... As for my valets I most enjoyed Sherri Martel because she was such a pro and didn’t need to be told everything. That said, Lizzy is currently showing a great attitude, too.